Tuesday, August 12, 2008

DARE conference live blogging: "Responsible shoplifting"

I'm sitting in a session that's about parents who provide alcohol to teenagers in controlled settings and how "irresponsible" those parents are.

The instructor just gave a speech about harm reduction actually being "harm promotion" and made an analogy about parents teaching their kids how to "shoplift responsibly."

Riiiight. Perfect analogy. Because every high school student shoplifts the night of prom and then tries to drive home while putting on the dress/tux they just snatched up, resulting in deadly collisions.

The logic is flawless.


Irina Alexander said...

Good grief. Hang in there, Micah and Michael. You're good people.

Jonathan Perri said...

The only connection between underage drinking and shoplifting is that they are illegal.

So... it really doesn't make much sense.

It shows that they are unable/unwilling to view, and more importantly educate, drug use as a health issue. Instead they promote that there is no responsible way of using any illegal drug and no responsible use of alcohol under 21.

So basically, what are they learning from DARE: After underage drinking or illegal drug use you should act irresponsible... and you might as well shoplift while your at it.