Tuesday, May 09, 2006

These are our leaders

The Drug Czar's office has picked a new head for the Drug-Free Communities program

Jack W. Claypoole will serve as administrator for the Drug-Free Communities program for two years, the Office of National Drug Control Policy announced Tuesday.

National Drug Control Policy director John P. Walters said Claypoole's expertise will help enhance and aid the community coalitions' efforts throughout the country.

"Mr. Claypoole brings a wealth of knowledge to ONDCP," Walters said. "His past commitment and record of success in the state of South Carolina to reduce the disease of drug addiction will be a great help to our work at ONDCP."

Claypoole sounds like a real expert, eh? Er... uh... check out this quote from a year ago.
"Part of the challenge with Methamphetamine is it makes the users so paranoid and they're so addicted, over 90% of first time users become addicted to methamphetamine. It's an incredibly addictive drug."
Sounds like a real anti-drug go-getter. But, the thing is, Mr. Claypoole pulled that number right out of his rectum. We expect our nation's leaders to use the best data available to make policy decisions. Leave it to the Drug Czar's office to keep installing buffoons who make things up to support their ideological agenda.


Anonymous said...

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Micah Daigle said...


Yeah, no problem. Just go to any urban street corner, suburban high school, or college campus, and you should be able to find something within a few minutes. The black market is everywhere.

Just watch out, you could get mugged during the drug deal. If you're looking for a safer way of getting intoxicated, just head to the local liquor store. I hear they have security cameras.

Although, if you're under 21, you're better off going with the black market. You won't even have to show ID!

800 pound gorilla said...

I heard a newscaster make the absurd claim about "instant addiction" for first time users. He also stated that using meth makes people want to commit crimes. The most addictive drug out there is smoked nicotine and it's addiction rate for first time users is about one in three. Nobody addicted to nicotine commits crimes to get their next fix because - even with $4 a pack for cigarettes a buck gives you at least two fixes.

Of course, once your body makes the adjustment for the nicotine addiction it doesn't take as much to accomodate other addictions. I keep hearing that there are a lot of nonsmokers who become addicted to banned drugs. I just haven't seen any figures. No one bothers to do that study. No one bothers to do a study of over 40 adults with drug dependencies due to health conditions facilitated by a consumer lifestyle promoted by authority figures either. They just don't want to know the results. Bad for business.

It all seems to follow the Goebbels model of information: tell a lie enough times and people will believe it automatically. The key is to shut off the taxpayer pipleline to the propaganda machine. Technically, one can make a strong case that failing to alert the public about the dearth of scientific studies behind such claims is misleading. Holding "drug educational" forums where only one political view is represented is really a political rally. If they use taxpayer money for political rallies for prohibition they should provide money for policy reformers. Just think what expenditures amounting to just 10% of the propaganda budget put into truth advertising could do for reformers.

daksya said...

90% addiction rate among first-time users would make meth nearly 4 times as addictive as heroin.

Jonathan Perri said...

The scary part about this is how many Americans won't really care that he pulled such an absurd number out of his ass. "Meth is still bad mmmkay... Who cares if we don't know the truth?"
This guy isn't a leader, he's a liar.