Saturday, May 13, 2006

Save DARE Generation Diary from censorship

If you hop around the blogosphere often enough, chances are, you've heard about "net neutrality". If not, this video says it all:

So why should DARE Generation Diary readers support net neutrality? I'm glad you asked...

The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) has a multi-million dollar budget, and one of their primary functions is to stop attempts at reforming drug policy. If network neutrality is abandoned and big telecom companies are able to control the content that you see, it's not hard to imagine the Drug Czar shelling out some money to these service providers to effectively block you from reading DARE Generation Diary. His Czarness has already spent loads of taxpayer money on lobbying against drug policy reform efforts.

Beware: There are some telecom front groups out there like who claim that legislative attempts to uphold network neutrality are nothing but government schemes to control your access to the internet. For the libertarian's among us, government "regulation" may seem like a bad idea. But, on the contrary, these bills ensure an even playing field for both non-profit and for-profit corporations. Putting the digital marketplace in the hands of a few telecom corporations not only puts a stranglehold on free speech, but also the free market.

To save the internet as-we-know-it, and to protect the DARE Generation's right to freely express our views, head over to and send an e-mail to your congressional delegation today.

(Note: SSDP does not officially endorse the SaveTheInternet campaign. The views presented here are the author's.)

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