Friday, January 27, 2006

Ten thousand truths were told, and it was good

Little old DARE Generation Diary, launched just about three months ago, reached 10,000 hits today. Let's all make sure the next 10,000 happen much sooner than three months from now. Here's how:

* Put DGD on your blogroll if you have a blog, or add a link on your website if you have one
* Put a link to DGD in your e-mail signature block
* Put a link to DGD in your instant messenger profile and away messages
* Send out an e-mail to your friends specifically telling them to check us out
* Make sure to comment on other, more popular, blogs and tell folks to visit DGD
* Put a link to DGD on your SSDP chapter's flyers or mention DGD at your next meeting
* Have your SSDP chapter start its own free blog on blogspot and link to DGD (we'll link to you too!)
* Make sure to sign up for SSDP's periodic action alerts so you can forward our interesting and exciting messages to your friends when you get them

We're telling the truth about the disastrous impact the War on Drugs has on youth and everyone else here. The more people that read this, the closer we'll be to ending the Drug War.


PETDA said...

Hey, We want you to check our blog out and tell us what you think! We love DARE Generation Diary and will use info we find here in our daily posts. We are a group of 20-something men and women who support reform of our ridiculous drug laws. We want parents, children, lovers, and friends all over the country to share with us how their lives have been effected by the War on Drugs and the drug laws that call for harsh and many times unfair sentence guidelines for drug offenders(who we believe are mostly only hurting themselves). We oppose groups like MAMa who want all high school kids to be tested for drugs(which will lead to higher dropout rate) and for meth related crimes to be classified as violent. What! Give me a break. Anyways, please check out the site and let others know that we're out there and want them to join in our fight to change laws! Please, before it's your kid facing a long and unreasonable prison sentence because they had a drug habit they couldn't kick and were unlucky enough to get caught. PETDA

800 pound gorilla said...

I just started my blog end of last year. Still trying to figure out how to make connections. Do have link to DGD though. Have no links page [yet] to my site. Probably won't get to it this week. If any of you computer geeks can tell me how to add cheap stuff to my site email me at or ; the next link I add can be to your site.

Undoubtedly, I should be number one on the web searches for "dangerous drugs mythology". That's what's in our schools INSTEAD of real drug education. Remember that.