Thursday, January 26, 2006

Drug Czar thinks he knows you better than you do

Really, he does.

Director Walters address drug treatment providers during a visit to the First Step Home in Cincinnati last year.
Photo courtesy of Drug Czar's "Blog"


Scott Morgan said...

I wonder if drug policy reform activism is a sign of addiction.

Jason said...

At least he's talking about treatment. Someone should call him on his office's allocation of dollars to supply-reduction versus demand-reduction.

Joyce's handsome guy said...

I suppose the other way to look at this study is that 75% of drug users DO NOT need treatment.

This seems to be a tacit acknowledgement that not only is responsible drug use possible, but it's much more prevalent than drug abuse. Why, then, do we punish these people for responsible use? (Or even better yet, why do we punish the other 25% who have the disease of addiction?)

One last thought: I wonder how these numbers compare with the percentage of alcohol drinkers or tobacco users who are addicted.

susank said...

"Denial keeps people from seeking help, it also maintains the destructive behavior long enough to allow the disease of addiction to gain an even firmer hold and be transmitted to peer groups and friends"
Is he SERIOUSLY claiming that drug addiction is a contagious disease? I hope he doesn't catch it.

800 pound gorilla said...

The poster boy of my drug manual Dick Cheney spends more on drugs than two thirds of those who use illegal drugs. He probably spends more than 80% of the kids who use illegal drugs in the schools he wants to test in. Is Dick Cheney a problem drug user?

The answer is yes, he definitely is; but since he's drug dependent it would not be safe to quickly wean him from drugs in a rehab center. Ironically, millions of people who have to choose between rent, heat, food or affordable drugs are in total denial of their drug problem.

The problem is that Dick Cheney runs the government and he is sponsored by people who make tons of money promoting drug dependencies like Cheney's. While use of illegal drugs is less than 10 million and less than a third of those have serious problems [yeah, they wreak havoc on the rest of us]. There are over 50 million [a very lowball estimate - since the government doesn't keep those statistics] people like Dick Cheney with drug dependencies and over half of those have multiple serious dependencies like my poster boy Dick. Unlike Cheney, many of them have to choose between their drugs, housing, utilities, and food. The government calls it "the affordable drug problem".

Yes, these two topics are related and those in power are in severe denial. We have a major problem with drug dependencies because we make no effort to educate the public about drugs. If they were educated about drugs they would quickly realize that the War on Drugs is a total hoax. They would realize that the problems were 95% behavioral and 5% related to drugs. And they'd realize that the government constantly lies and distracts them from the real problems and the government's complicity in those problems.