Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ben Franklin would be proud...

This Tuesday, SSDP's very own Shawn Heller and Chris Evans got together with some fellow Georgetown Law students and made an ass of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.Gonzales's trip to Georgetown is just one part of a desperate national propaganda campaign aimed at justifying the illegal and unconstitutional wiretapping program that the Bush administration hid from the public until forced to disclose it recently.

Those older than I will remember that the Drug War was the first post-Cold War program to justify domestic wiretapping on a large scale. It wasn't very hard for the DEA to acquire warrants to conduct these wiretaps, but at least they had to present some evidence that a crime was being committed. But now that the Bush Administration has conjoined the drug trade with terrorism - a la NarcoTerrorism - it's not hard to imagine that these warrentless wiretaps are being used for much more than catching Al Qaeda members.

The protest was covered by the national media, including: CNN, the New York Times, and (gasp!) even BoingBoing!

Bravo, freedom fighters!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Go Georgetown Law, Go!