Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Simple Reminder that Prohibition Doesn't Work.

I went to the package store last week to get a six-pack of my favorite micro-brew, Newport Storm, and when asked to show my I.D. , I realized I didn't have it on me. I even happen to know the cashier at this store, but she still had to say:

"I'm sorry, but without an I.D. we can't sell this to you."

Simple and efficient way to keep drugs out of the hands of "children". But that is clearly not what the drug warriors are concerned with. If alcohol were illegal, I would have no trouble getting it without proof of age. It just might be lesser quality and more dangerous.


800 pound gorilla said...

Well, those who legally sell drugs have liability problems to consumers. Those who illegally sell drugs have legal problems with the DEA but no obligations to customers. You don't mess with the formula disclosed on package if you are legal; you could be sued and even go to jail. And you make sure to cover your sorry butt with warnings about possible misuse [although GOP "Tort reform" is trying to minimize these problems].

Anonymous said...

You should have been arrested for drinking Newport Storm. That beer sucks.

Adam said...

I found this article in slate magazine that you might want to post on your blog its abt the differentiation in drug sentencing between crack and powdered cocaine in this country and legislation that is trying to fix it

Michelle said...

Where would one turn for help when a public school has violated your right not to have your child participate in a psychological program??

Was hoping you might know lol.

I wrote a letter to my daughter's teacher telling her I didnt want her to participate in the new DARE spin off program. She signed the note "ok thanks", then told my daughter it was ok, she could still sit in for the first class.