Saturday, August 26, 2006

Have you talked to your parents about Joyce Nalepka?

"Students for Sensible Drug Policy is a militant fringe of the drug legalization movement. As parents, we would treat membership in SSDP as firmly as we would treat drug use. Stop the behavior and resign from the group or pay your own tuition."

-Joyce Nalepka,
Professional Lunatic
From a 2002 essay/rant entitled "Applaud Souder's efforts to fight illegal drug use", which oddly enough, I just found out about.

Now, what parent would punish their kid for being involved in SSDP when they could get this cool Proud SSDP Parent merchandise??


800 pound gorilla said...

Isn't that typical? Instead of rebutting the issues brought up by SSDP we'll just revert to calling them a "militant fringe group". If you guys are militant fringe I would love to read what they say about me. More than likely using up all the good epithets on half hearted reformers like SSDP, they just can't think of any good ones.

Jonathan Perri said...

"militant fringe"?

Does this lady think we are the Weathermen or something? What a nutcase.

"It is shocking that anyone would object to this common-sense legislation."
Well in case Nalepka has yet to find the large number of people w/ the common sense to object the Drug Provision, she could always visit the Pro-Drug site and see all of the clearly Pro-Drug organizations calling for the repeal of this law... like American Federation of Teachers and the United Church of Christ.

I bet if contacted, this woman would not even have the decency or respect to debate a single member of SSDP. She would rather sit behind the safety of a computer and type out ridiculous accusations about students and people she knows nothing about.

Jonathan Perri said...

I think you would love to read anything that anyone writes about you... including yourself.

Jimi Devine said...

Wouldn't militant refer to violent resistence, realistically i dont think students willing to promote social change by letting the public know the cold hard facts of what the drug war is really doing to those who cant afford an education, Would fall into that category.

Personally i have been pro legilization for many years before i even found out about SSDP, Some people feel the same way i do, and through ssdp you are sometimes able to find ways to help with other groups. SSDP is a resource to students with questions about the drug war and whats wrong with it, and if what they learn based on the facts presented by SSDP members changes the opinion they have on a drug being legal I feel it would be better for an educated voice to believe in change, then for an uneducated voice to promote something such as the war on drugs.

cliff said...

"As parents, we would treat membership in SSDP as firmly as we would treat drug use."

That is the most typical of prohibitionist tactics, demean and negate the message by playing the "druggie card". If you are against the drug war then surely you are an evil drug user and must be silenced by taking financial aid away from you. Another sign that the war on some drugs is a war against ideas and people.

Joyce's Cutie said...

Oh, Joyce...

I actually had the pleasure of having a fairly in-depth conversation with her at an ONDCP Drug Testing Summit a couple years ago. She really believes that there's no difference between drug policy reform and promoting drug use.

Justified or not, I think your average American tends to also assume the same. In my view, it behooves reformers to distance themselves from the drug culture in their public policy efforts.

I have a great little note from Joyce on ONDCP stationery calling me "handsome and articulate", trying to persuade me join the drug warriors. I'm hoping one day SSDP will auction this off at a fundraiser.

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