Friday, May 05, 2006

It must be nice

The Harvard Crimson reported today that students at that institution don't have to worry about losing their ability to pay for school after being convicted of a drug offense.
If a student is convicted while at the College, the Administrative Board makes a decision about his or her enrollment. However, Donahue says, “as long as they are enrolled, students are eligible to receive financial aid.”

Donahue added that if a Harvard undergraduate were to lose federal funding, the College would continue “to meet his or her need through institutional sources,” thus replacing the funding that the federal government previously supplied.
It's nice to see that one of our nation's finest institutions of higher education recognizes that kicking students out of school for drug offenses hurts individuals as well as society as a whole. But it's too bad that students at most schools don't enjoy similar safety nets.

However, such students who have lost their financial aid due to drug convictions can apply to receive funding through the John W. Perry scholarship fund.

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