Friday, May 05, 2006

Drug War continues to seep into schools

DRCNet's Drug War Chronicle reported this week on two student-related Drug War stories we haven't yet had the chance to cover here at DARE Generation Diary. So instead of reinventing the wheel here, I'll just link to DRCNet's reporting.

Police at the University of Colorado in Boulder sparked student outrage by posting on its website photos of more than 150 people attending a 4/20 rally. The cops have asked web surfers to identify the pictured individuals in exchange for monetary rewards.

Cadets at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point threw burning objects out of windows to protest a drug raid on their barracks last week. Army officials called a faux fire drill at 6:00 AM to get the cadets out of their rooms. Once the buildings were clear, they called in cops and drug-sniffing dogs to scour all the rooms for controlled substances. None were found.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that the campus cops sent someone in to take photos of all of those people but didn't send in officers right away. I mean, if they were going to be bastards about it, why wouldn't they just start rounding people up right away.....oh wait, cause then everyone would have left the rally and they wouldn't be able to make a profit from the number of people that they are seeking to charge.

Jonathan Perri said...

Something similar to this happened at FPC 2 weeks ago. A number of freshman students started a campfire in the woods near campus. The Rindge Police and Campus Saftey officers came to break it up and arressted several students for internal possession, open container violations, kindling a fire without a permit, and underage possession of alcohol.
One of the students had dropped a digital camera full of photos from the nights events and a police officer found it. The students on the camera were identified and are being charged for all four crimes unless they turn themselves in and plead guilty to Internal Possession and pay a $350 fine.

The police will not say how they students were identified but some are assuming that some of the arressted students were pressured into giving up names or that RA's were asked to id the students.

I think more students need to watch BUSTED.