Monday, December 05, 2005

Urban Outfitters store caves to parents' pressure

We recently reported that a group of Michigan parents were pressuring retailer Urban Outfitters to stop selling books and board games about marijuana.

Well, it looks like the local store being targeted has buckled under the parents' pressure.
Until this week, you could find a recipe for the marijuana-laced sweets in a cookbook sold at the newly opened Urban Outfitters at the Somerset Collection in Troy.

But the hip store -- which caters to the trendy high school and college crowd with cool clothes, edgy books and games, and funky home decorations -- pulled "The Marijuana Chef Cookbook" by S.T. Oner after a Troy group complained.
The Drug Czar's staff are having a field day bragging about this over at their blog.

But it looks like the drug war acquiescence is limited to the one outlet and hasn't spread through the entire chain.
Calls to the Troy store were referred to the company's Philadelphia headquarters. A spokeswoman there declined to comment. She would not say whether the book had been pulled from other stores. The cookbook was still available Friday on the retailer's Web site,

The Urban Outfitters store in Ann Arbor never got the cookbook, but an employee who answered the phone Friday said the store does sell a board game called "Weed the Game."
It sure is easy to fool those drug warriors into thinking they've earned a sweet victory, isn't it?

At least the DARE Generation knows better than to believe the lie that banning books will do anything to help solve our nation's drug problems.
"If you don't like something they're selling, don't buy it," said 15-year-old Jay Savage of Clinton Township, who visited Urban Outfitters for the first time Wednesday with his mom and 18-year-old sister Natalie.

Right on, Jay.

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Jonthon said...

"You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them."
~Mahatma Gandhi

I've had enough of the culture wars, and the sanctioning of said wars by the federal government.