Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's about TIME.

From TIME Magazine's cover story this week, "The Year in Medicine, A-Z":
MARIJUANA - Research into the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis continued to bolster the case for the medicinal use of marijuana, making the "patient pot laws" that have passed in 11 states seem less like a social movement than a legitimate medical trend. One trial--the first controlled study of its kind--showed that a medicine containing cannabis extracts called Sativex not only lessened the pain of rheumatoid arthritis but actually suppressed the disease. An earlier study published in the Journal of Neuroscience showed that synthetic cannabinoids, the chemicals in marijuana, can reduce inflammation in the brain and may protect it from the cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer's disease.
Looks like TIME has joined forces with George Soros and the Evil Drug Dealer Society of America (EDDSA) in the fight to legalize drugs so we can feed them to small children and puppy dogs. Where is Chuck Norris and his famous roundhouse kick when you need him??

Seriously though, it's nice to see big mags like TIME taking serious something that has always been medically legitimate. But heads up, TIME: the "social movement" you refer to is simply a direct response to the escalating federal war against people living with debilitating conditions (and their doctors) who have long recognized that marijuana is legitimately effective medicine. The only "trend" I see is that people of influence (such as TIME reporters) are finally starting to accept something that scientific studies have proven, and public opinion has supported, for quite some time. It's about time that TIME caught up. (TIME has reported on medical marijuana in the past, but it has always been framed as a controversial political issue. Now, they are finally framing marijuana as a medicine--one that happens to be surrounded in controversy).

As the scientific evidence mounts and the legalization caucus grows larger, inevitably, from the back of the room comes the familiar plea: "But if we legalize medical marijuana, what message will we be sending to our children?"...

There there, concerned parent... the only message we will send is that our government is compassionate to those who suffer. A change of pace, perhaps. But you'll get used to it.


Jonthon said...

Is EDDSA hiring? =)

Jonathan Perri said...

It is about time Micah. I am so sick of all these people making inaccurate and ignorant comments about marijuana's medical purposes. I sincerely hope that Mr. Anonymous (you know the one) reads your post and the issue of TIME.

Knowing that marijuana was made illegal based on lies and without evidence for them and a lack of scientific knowledge of the plant, would it not make sense that factual information that disproves the original claims should become the basis of reforming these laws?

How can we let pride get in the way of advancing our minds? Is pride worth believing a lie? I guess for some people it is.

Micah Daigle said...

In response to your inquiry, Jonthon:

EDDSA is accepting applications for several positions. Qualified applicants must be experienced in the following:

1. Corrupting officials in all levels of government.
2. Smuggling large amounts of narcotics over state and national borders.
3. Deceiving the public about the profit we make off of prohibition.
4. Lying to small children about the effects of dangerous drugs.
5. Fueling wars in third world countries.
6. Torturing and killing those who do not cooperate with us.

...Oh, I'm sorry. That was an application for positions at the DEA and ONDCP. Silly me. =P