Thursday, November 17, 2005

Souder and Meth Mania

This morning, a subcommittee of the House Education and Workforce Committee held a hearing titled "Combating Methamphetamines through Prevention and Education."

What a show!

Aside from being pointless, since the committee heard from no oppositional voices to the status quo on meth, Rep. Mark Souder in particular demonstrated that Congress has yet to take a sane look at dealing with the serious harms associated with meth.

Souder rolled out the typical arguments about meth being the new crack, and then touted the new ONDCP/PDFA meth "awareness" campaign.

Awareness, huh? Souder praised Rep. Darlene Hooley (D-OR) for her advocacy of a program in Oregon through which teenagers compete for the most ridiculous or frightening ad alerting their peers to the stupidity of using meth. Of the two ads that Hooley showed to the committee, one attempted to make the viewer laugh at a caricature of an infomercial and the other takes the fear angle by showing a raid on a house of a little girl who will never see her daddy again.

Clearly, our elected representatives favor hyperbole and overexaggerated scare tactics to facts and sound science.

Oh yeah, the news wasn't all bad. Souder emphatically, and of course authoritatively, declared that the meth high is "twelve times better than the best orgasm." There you have it.

Rep. Souder gets "leid"


Kyle said...


nemo said...

If anyone has any doubts as to Mr. Souder's mindset (perhaps a better word would be stability), they should take the time to read here.

Kyle said...

Now that I have regained my composure, that was a great post Erik. It is really interesting how we have already found our next epidemic. When will they wake up?

PCDEC said...

So I guess Souder does meth. How else would he know it's 12x better than an orgasm? That is hilarious. I just wonder where exactly he came up with that...and how he thought that fact would help curb meth use considering how addicted we all are to orgasms.

runruff said...

This guy is proof that there have been many years of in breading in the state of Indiana. This is the best they could come up with?

Allen Thompson said...

12 times better? Either Souder doesn't remember what an orgasm feels like (perhaps he hasn't had one in a while) or he's doing something very, very wrong in the bedroom.

That said, I can't think of a more compelling reason to try meth. Souder says it's better than sex!