Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Drug War: Still keeping little girls safe at school

Two incidents from last week show how the Drug War - purportedly aimed at protecting young people - actually makes matters worse for us.

The first example comes from across the pond in England. At an elementary school there, police officers conducted a demonstration aimed at scaring kids out of bringing drugs to school by showing them how dogs can easily sniff out controlled substances.

But the doofus officer conducting the demonstration made a BIG mistake:
Ch Supt Dave Wheeler for Lincolnshire police said: "When the packages were being hidden two packages were inadvertently placed in the girls bag and when the dog found the drugs only one package was retrieved.
Understandably, the parents of 10-year-old Kia Butterfield are pissed:
She added her two younger children aged one and three were running around the house at the time and might have thought the bag of speed was sweets.
And back here in the U.S., we're now giving drug tests to teenage girls experiencing the symptoms of PMS.

16-year-old Nicole James of Raymore, MO wasn't feeling too well when her special time of the month came for her during the school day. Understandably, she was too embarrassed to tell school officials that her queasiness was a result of her period. When administrators thought she might be under the influence, they decided to give her a field sobriety test.

Dale James said Nicole did not fail the test, but the school told him she did not pass with flying colors. So, the family was given two options."Either a police officer could take my daughter down to juvenile hall, or we could have her tested (for drugs) ourselves," Dale James said. He said they opted for a drug test, which Nicole passed without a problem.
The parents are now trying to get the school to pay for the cost of the drug test. Good luck to them and all of the other families sick of the Drug War's invasion of young people's privacy and its infringement on our safety.

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