Thursday, December 02, 2010

SSDP on Drug War and Wikileaks

By now you must have seen the coverage of Wikileaks, the US Embassy, and the Mexican Drug War. And of course there is a slew of coverage in Latin America relating to a number of countries named in documents.

As International Liaison I'll put together a summary of that coverage, where it goes, how the authors read the sources, and how much of a fissure there is emerging in drug policy. I'm looking forward to the reading, and I'll try to report back as best I can.

So, watch this space, SSDP will have something to say about Wikileaks, the Drug War, Latin America, and Asia, to name but a few troubling topics and issues.


JBloodthorn said...

Thank you for taking the time to read through all of it for the rest of us.

Damo said...

My immediate reaction to the first piece I read was that the release was rather weak, merely showing Mexico losing the battle against cartels (which was already obvious).

I hope the full release (as opposed to one outlet's analysis) is far more substantive.

Administrators said...
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