Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Google Runs Our Ad After Facebook Censored It

Google has accepted our Just Say Now marijuana legalization ads.

Just this week, the ads were removed by Facebook, which claimed that the image of a marijuana leaf was in violation of its policy – despite the fact that the ad had at least 38 million impressions on Facebook earlier this month. The ads will begin running on Google’s advertising network immediately.
Clearly, Google is more mature than Facebook when it comes to political speech.

Bruce Fein, former Associate Attorney General for President Ronald Reagan and Just Say Now advisory board member, had this to say:
“Facebook’s concocted prissiness over political advocacy is more to be disparaged than imitated. Freedom of expression is made of sterner stuff.  Google deserves applause for exposing Facebook to shame.”


Vic said...

Google has, once again, proven that they have a sense of corporate social responsibility. Kudos to. Google!

Voltear said...

Legal marijuana "now" would be nice. But what about all those who use other drugs? They need help and need it fast. I can't sign anything that ignores this glaring deficiency!

Jonathan Perri said...

I think you're missing the point. SSDP works on many other issues, this is just one petition for one issue and that happens to be marijuana. It does not mean that we are ignoring anything.

In 2008, our national lobby day sent over 200 students to meet with their representatives in Washington, D.C. about ending the disparity.

This June, SSDP members generated thousands of phone calls to representatives in Washington, asking for their support of the National Criminal Justice Act introduced by Sen. Jim Webb.

Other members in California have lobbied about cutting the prison budget and increasing drug treatment funding.

Petitions have to be direct and specific. They can't be broad. Furthermore, ending the war on marijuana will help broaden the discussion about reforming other drug policies.

If your reason for not signing it is really because it doesn't include discussion about other drugs, I think that's flawed reasoning.

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