Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Legalizing Marijuana is Top Idea on Republican Voting Site

Currently on the Republican website “”, the issue of Marijuana legalization has become the most voted on issue. In the “Open Mic” section, where web users are encouraged to “start your own debate”, Marijuana legalization stands at the top, with 1,800 votes.

In second place is…also marijuana legalization, with 1,003 votes. If you add up all of the similarly worded marijuana legalization topic votes, vs. all the non-related votes, you get 5,088 votes for marijuana legalization, and 3,097 votes for all other topics. The message is clear: people, on both sides of the aisle, want marijuana legalized. However, Washington, as always, is so far removed from the population at large, and so soaked in both rhetoric and money that you would never be able to tell from Congressional debates on/around the subject that this was the case. Frankly put, the writing is on the wall that this is what the people want, and in addition to outright opposition, you now have a sort of filibuster, or suing for time, taking place on the national level.

Whether it be the Obama administration’s claim that “legalization isn’t in our vocabulary” (see his derision here with commentary from The Young Turks), or our continued support (both direct and indirect) of devastating chemical attacks on the environment in both Mexico and Columbia.

What remains to be seen now is how the GOP will tackle this. In a surprising way, the GOP (often thought of as the more out-of-touch party on this issue), has been much more receptive to its more vocal members in the past few years. The Tea Party Takeover of the GOP has been swift and decisive, and not only are many Tea Partiers in favor of reducing or ending the War on Drugs, but today’s Republican Party is more malleable than it has been in over a decade.

If marijuana legalization takes off in the conservative blogosphere and grassroots networks, then who knows? Maybe the final push drug policy reformers have been waiting for will come from the Right.

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