Friday, May 21, 2010

Allen St. Pierre Vaporizes Oppostion in ABC Debate

The word destroy didn't do this justice so I searched for some synonyms: annihilate, demolish, obliterate, exterminate, consume, crush; and then I saw it. Vaporize. Allen St. Pierre vaporized this guy!

His opponent, Brian Darling from the Heritage Foundation clearly got in over his head on this one. He fumbles around looking for things to bring up while touting his alcohol and chewing tobacco habits. He never brings up any statistics throughout the entire debate.

This debate on marijuana legalization was part of ABC's Nightline Twittercast which allows viewers to tweet in their opinions on the subjects. 


muzuzuzus said...

hmmm well the suit on the right looks like he got the POWER conformist look on him. He aint BUDGIN man, as he smokes his ciggis and drinks his bud and probabaly gets moment from the companies too

the one on left made a silly example of smoking every nanogram. Ie., making out that theres no danger with too much smoking weed

That is not the point. the point is that they do not have the RIGHT to say what we can and cannot ingest into our bodies

Also when suit thought he had the killer trick question 'would you want heroin legalized'---well YEAH fool that is what end of so-called 'war on drugs' MEANS. It means ALL drugs including sacred entheogens!

muzuzuzus said...

*gets MONEY

erdem said...

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