Tuesday, April 06, 2010

FSU SSDP Pushes for Good Samaritan Policy

Check out this great media coverage of the Florida State University SSDP chapter campaigning for their Good Samaritan Policy on campus. The chapter spent a day last week tabling in support of their campaign and used red balloons to represent students that die from alcohol related incidents on college campuses each year. 

FSU chapter members gave some great quotes. Being on camera isn't always easy but it's clear that they were prepared with talking points. 
"Drugs really are a medical problem and not a criminal justice problem. We feel that by enacting sensible policies that reflect the fact that people are going to use drugs but reduce the harms associated with drug usage, we feel that those are the best policies," said John Mola, Students For Sensible Drug Policy. 

"A majority of students, including us, aren't aware of what the punishments are already. So I feel like greater education is always a plus and this policy in particular would help that in addition to creating a nice safety net," added Carson Zimmer, Students For Sensible Drug Policy.  

"It's really nice to just have that network behind us. we're in constant communication with national SSCP and other chapters that have been successful, just to get ideas from them," said Lauryn Harris, Students For Sensible Drug Policy.  
They also received amazing coverage from their student newspaper yesterday which included even more excellent talking points.

FSU SSDP is on their way to changing a policy on their campus. This is exactly the type of work SSDP chapters should be engaged in. If your chapter isn't currently running a campaign visit our campaigns page for ideas and resources to help you bring positive change to your community. 

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