Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Your Revolution is Over! The Bums Lost Lebowski!

Somehow, El Paso Mayor John Cook's recent comments stereotyping those who support the resolution he vetoed last week, remind me of the Big Lebowski scene where Mr. Lebowski and The Dude argue about jobs, why he is "the Dude", and the 60's hippie revolution; filled with pot smoking - free loving, bums.
“I can tell you that all the potheads have sent their e-mails and they are encouraging the reps to stand by their decision" wrote Cook in a recent email to a supporter.
Ahhh yes. All the potheads, the bums Lebowski. It's quite ironic that he uses "potheads" to describe those in opposition to his veto and have taken the initiative to contact their representatives, write letters to the editor, post comments, blogs and send in their opinion pieces. Isn't "pothead" a term used to describe someone who is lazy, lethargic, and sits around all day smoking pot? The Mayor must feel pretty silly that the people he considers potheads are doing a better job of using the political process than those who support his veto.


Irina Alexander said...

What's even more ironic is his statement after that, "“Why does the silent majority remain silent?"

It'll be quite a day when Mayor Cook turns around and realizes the true reason the "silent majority" has remained to silent is because they're nowhere to be found; at least nowhere close to him.

According to a recent Zogby poll, 3 out of 4 Americans are against the drug war. You'd think he'd have some idea about that.

jack said...

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