Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Students Win Marijuana Debate

The University of Louisville sponsored a debate on the legalization of marijuana. The pro-legalization side seems to have won it by a long shot. New SSDP members anyone?
"The fact we're bringing up controversial issues to educate students, will help people open up their minds and start thinking critically," said Nathan Parthasarathy, a junior chemistry major and legalization proponent.

"I thought the [arguments] as a whole [were] a little disappointing because the side against legalization seemed to be lacking the appropriate knowledge to bring a decent argument to the table," said James Allsbrook, a freshman electrical engineering major. "The pro-legalization side definitely took the win by a long-shot."

The judging panel agreed, and the pro-legalization side emerged as the victors of the first ULP debate.


800 pound gorilla said...

It's a piece of cake to win a debate on drug policy. You tell the audience that the government has never conducted any studies of any legally available drug prior to a DEA ban involving criminal penalties. Then you inform that audience that most - if not all - of the arguments put forth by your opponent will be about why illegal drugs are harmful and not about why those drugs should be illegal. In effect the debate will be two against zero. Then you graciously give up 5 minutes of your time to let your opponent make the case why those drugs shouldn't be illegal with all the "statistics" about how harmful those illegal drugs are.
Of course, I've telegraphed this strategy to any prospective opponents so nobody is moronic enough to take me on. It might not work but let's face it: facts are only as good as they advance your argument and they can have all the facts out there that they want - to advance the case for legalization.

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