Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Only you can prevent forest fires

This post by our friendly neighborhood Drug War Rant blogger, Pete Guither, was so hilariously on-target that I had to pass it along. The post makes an analogy between drugs and fire. Here's an excerpt:
Like fire, drug use can be very beneficial or it can be harmful, depending on how it's used, but with a little common sense, it can be quite safe.

In this particular analogy, the establishment has decided that only fire in corporate-sold furnaces is acceptable, and all other use of fire must be extinguished.

Prohibitionists (again, in this analogy) decide that the way to accomplish this is to destroy the fire utterly... by throwing dynamite at it. On occasion, the resulting explosion will temporarily suppress the fire from the lack of oxygen, but more often, it spreads the fire further in an unchecked manner -- plus it causes enormous collateral damage.


Conversations with prohibitionists tend to go like this:

Prohibitionist: How can you sit there and actually promote the use of fire? Don't you know about the little girl that was burned to death in a house fire?
Reformer: Uh, ... you threw dynamite at that fire.
Prohibitionist: She was burned to death. Fire caused that, not the dynamite.
Reformer: Uh, no. They were having a cook-out on the grill. You threw dynamite on the charcoal and the explosion spread the fire to the house...
Prohibitionist: See? It was fire. How dare you promote the death of little girls, you pyromaniac!
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800 pound gorilla said...

What an unfair analogy! The fact is that, before they threw dynamite on the fire to cause that particular death, some not so well connected idiot decided to arson the house of someone who was well connected. And no one threw dynamite on THAT fire - nor do they generally throw dynamite on houses ablaze of others who are well connected. That well connected person lost their house to fire caused by a not well connected idiot so laws against fires are necessary. The legalizer argument that fire damage is solely the result of prohibition is misleading. Liar, liar pants on fire!!

Denial of preprohibition facts do not serve the reformist agenda. It only gives the legisliars undue credibility. Pay attention to the right wingers or smaller government advocates like myself who acknowledge that people misuse drugs - including the ones arbitarily criminalized.

In my drug manual I explain that most banned drugs are deliberately abused because they are safer - not more dangerous. You can't freebase nicotine; it will kill you! You can't mainline alcohol;that will also kill you. People speed with muscle cars because they are more maneuverable and less prone to reckless driving. You try dragracing in narrow streets with minivans and your racing career ends in your first drag race. Heroin is abused more than Ibuprofene because heroin is a lot safer with far fewer bad effects so you can relieve pain with less drugs. You can also use the same amount for a really nice high and that's what desperate people do. But instead of acknowledging the actual problem [desperation and personal abuse leading to such] prohibitionists want to punish desperate people who they don't like and who are not well connected. Those two adjectives are not necessarily exclusive as the relationship between those punished and economic circumstances are a LOT higher than any relationship between illegal drug use and crime.

BTW, I just tried connecting to the SSDP website on a censored hotel server and couldn't get on. Unsurprisingly, I could get to my website at www.originaldrugmanualforkids.com with ease - and I openly advocate total legalization and taunt authority figures with impunity. I haven't tried to access the DEA site. It would be a hoot if the hotel censored their site.