Friday, March 31, 2006

The HEA "suck" provision

Good ole' Tom Angell.

SSDP's very own Campaigns Director recently took a trip down to the University of Florida to educate students about the harms caused by a provision in the Higher Education Act. This provision, which automatically denies federal financial aid to people with drug convictions, has been called the "HEA Drug Provision" for many years, and is now being referred to as the "HEA Aid Elimination Penalty" since the filing of our federal lawsuit.

Because of all the confusion ensuing from the recent name-change, Mr. Angell has apparently begun to refer to the law in laymen terms:
Angell spoke to about 30 students in the Reitz Union on Thursday night as part of NORML UF's push for students to become aware of the HEA drug provision, which he said is "also known as the law that sucks a lot and ruins hundreds of students' lives every year."
Indeed, no matter what it's called, the "suck provision" is an idiotic piece of legislation that deserves to be wiped from the law books once and for all.

If you think this law sucks as much as Tom Angell does, please contribute to SSDP, so we can win our lawsuit against the government, and have the provision deemed unconstitutional. We are also looking for additional plaintiffs.

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