Thursday, March 09, 2006

Are you feeling...

...skeptical about pharmaceutical companies?

...distrustful of those who sell psychotropic drugs for profit?

...leery of the medical establishment?

Ask your doctor about PharmAmorin.


Jesse Stout said...

I think a bunch of our elected officials have been popping this pill for years.

Kris said...

Funny...and creepy.

Brings to mind the government-coerced evaluation, diagnosis and drugging of children that lurks just beyond the horizon...

800 pound gorilla said...

The premise of the movie Serenity [and backed by the experiences of all uses of any drug] a small percentage of patients will experience the exact opposite reaction of the majority. One likely side effect would be that some users would "go postal" in pharmacies using automatic weapons to kill or threaten pharmacists.

In Serenity, most users just gave up and did nothing - eventually dying. A tiny percentage of users got extremely hostile and overly aggressive - posing a major threat to society [Reavers]. Most meth users get euphoric and hyped up. A tiny percentage of users are put to sleep and become lethargic. It happens with every drug in recorded history.

A follow up story a few years later would be the examination of Pharmamorin users who take over pharmacies, destroy drugs and endanger both pharmacists and prescription patients. If such a drug were developed such a reaction would be predictable and rare - but not nonexistent. A few cases will go to court and user will be exonerated on the basis of drug impairment. That's the new catchword: "the drug made me not responsible for my own misbehavior".

Micah Daigle said...

...a small percentage of patients will experience the exact opposite reaction of the majority.

...It happens with every drug in recorded history.

Every drug in recorded history, eh? Obviously, you must have access to the most comprehensive historical pharmacopeia known to man. Can I borrow it?

I'd love to read about the man who drank 8 beers and actually became more tactful, sophisticated, and a better driver.

Or the runner who ran a 50K marathon after popping a few Oxycontins.

Or the person who snorted cocaine in order to fall asleep.

Or the mild-mannered reporter who took a placebo and became Superman.

asb. said...

i find it interesting that Pfizer decided to go straight to over-the-counter sales with their prescription-strength PharmAmorin. what a charitable gesture. perhaps i have been wrong all these years about the motivations for the monopolistic behavior on the part of pharmaceutical companies. or maybe someone's slipped me some PharmAmorin. hmmm.