Friday, February 10, 2006

Steve Steiner could be in big trouble

Melissa at D'Alliance has the scoop on Steve Steiner's potentially illegal lobbying activities against the New Mexico medical marijuana bill here and here. And he's not even good at it.

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800 pound gorilla said...

I wouldn't hold my breath for repurcussions for anti drug lobbyists. He may even be working for free - other than having his "expenses" taken care of by law enforcement agencies. It's legal for government agencies to spend taxpayer dollars to lobby for specific legislation that is not directly sent to voters. They have to shut up and not spend money when the voters get a say. I've already been there, done that and got excited by catching the Oregon State Police staffing a hotline for oregon methwatch, a political organization that lobbied the legislature and held political rallies statewide to pressure legisliars to pass legislation giving them more money and fewer restrictions. Nominally, the methwatch program is under the umbrella of a 501c organization called Oregon Partnership [a statewide version of PDFA]. But hey, churches lobby voters directly and keep their tax exempt status so why shouldn't Oregon Partnership?