Saturday, February 25, 2006

Possums on pot

The Drug Czar's "blog" reports that police in New Zealand have recruited pot-loving possums in their ongoing effort to eradicate marijuana plants.

"New Zealand police have an unusual ally in their annual crackdown on the country's illegal marijuana harvest—possums.

"They love it, absolutely love it," Detective John Nicholls, of Motueka, told the Nelson Evening Mail after returning from a week-long police and air force helicopter hunt for pot plants at the top of the South Island.

He said one crop was "chewed to bits—it was the worst I've ever seen."

I love the silliness of this story, absolutely love it - especially since it serves as a bit of comic relief to the seriousness of the strategic planning retreat SSDP is engaging in this weekend.


Jesse Stout said...

AAAAAAAAAH the POSSUMS are coming!! RUN!!! The little rodents are gonna GET us!! It's the POSSUMS!!! AAAAAAAAAH!!!!

800 pound gorilla said...

So where is the ASPCA on this? It's OK to promote drug use for rodents but not humans? Or is it marsupials? I was never that good at biology; more nomenclature than numbers. At least this beats the biowarfare proposals that involve pesticides that eradicate everything else within groundshot of marijuana plants.

kaptinemo said...

Figuring the possums being mentioned might not be native to New Zealand, I did a check on it and found a Kiwi Gub'mint Website on the issue. It seems they are an unwelcome import as they are highly prolific breadders and have no natural enemies there. So, I suppose that with typical DrugWarrior short-sightedness, they will try to breed them even faster...which will lead to even greater food crop destruction in New Zealand, as the little critters just don't have much discriminatory abilities regarding edibles; they'll eat almost anything.

kaptinemo said...

Oops, sorry, that's 'breeders'

Anonymous said...

Is it healthy for these animals to eat that much pot? I know it tastes good, but they might be getting hurt by taking on all those trichomes. Pet overdose on owner's stash has become an increasing problem with petowners in the US (or so I've read, that there has been an increase in such reports). I wonder if it's hurting the possums. Maybe we can ally with PETA on this one.