Monday, February 13, 2006

Drug Czar begs for $$$

The Drug Czar put out a press release today, in which he essentially begs Congress to give him more money to put anti-drug propaganda on the airwaves.

Just take a look at the headline and sub-headline:
New Ads Call On Parents To Set Clear Rules About Drugs

*Ad Campaign Is The Last Planned TV Effort Targeting Parents This Year, Due To Limited Funds*
The release goes on to detail how his budget has been slashed.
Due to limited funds, the campaign is the last planned TV advertising effort targeting parents this year. Congress reduced the President's proposed budget for the Media Campaign by $21 million this year, but the President has proposed restoring funds next year to the 2004 level. "Parental disapproval of teen drug use plays a strong role in preventing teens from drug use," said John P. Walters, Director of National Drug Control Policy. "We risk losing the hard-won momentum we have gained over the past few years and seeing youth drug use rebound."
It's really sad that the Drug Czar is pitching the fact that Congress cut his budget as a story to reporters.


800 pound gorilla said...

Yeah, that's right. You get parents who chug their coffee to wake up, use Alleve like it was candy, and have multiple drug dependencies for their high blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetes are going to talk to kids about "staying away from drugs". For many parents the only drugs they stay away from are exercise enduced endorphins.

All children can learn from the drug czar and parents like the above is that using drugs is OK as long as big government says it's OK [aka trust big government to know what's right for you - like they do for the Iraqis]. Between the drug czar and the pharmaceutical sponsors of politicians it would seem that kids get all the wrong messages about drugs.

The government has screwed up several generations with disinformation about drugs: both for the "good drugs" promoted by political sponsors and the "bad drugs" promoted by criminals who owe their sumptuous lifestyles and easy access to weaponry to profits generated by their exclusive control over certain problematic drugs. And criminal organizations that bankroll terrorism owe half their profits to the drug czar too.

I'm sorry. But this double standard with regard drugs is so transparent it is almost comical. But this administration is incapable of telling the truth if it can be construed to make them look bad.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Boo hoo.

kaptinemo said...

The problem here is that we may eventually see a kind of evolution take place: less money being allocated for trying to persuade nicely, and more money for DrugWarriors to beat you over the head.

As an unpopular cause becomes more embattled, the fanatics in favor of it always seem to rise to leadership positions - after first purging their own ranks of those they believe are not sufficiently committed - and make things even worse.

In the long run, that will be good for our side, but during the escalation of repression you can expect things to get worse.

Adam said...

Drug warriors are a bunch of goddamned welfare queens. Ditto on Grits' "Boo hoo."

Anonymous said...

this blog is officially dead.

Scott Morgan said...

No dude. The blog's not dead. Tom's just been busy being SSDP's Campaigns Director, which involves responsibilities besides blogging. If you're bored you could always read one of 800 pound gorilla's gratuitous posts. They're long, and I think some are actually repeats (which is wierd), but if you've got nothing better to do than anonymously pronounce the death of other people's blogs...

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry, i thought that more than one person contributed posts to this blog. I guess I'm wrong.

Oh wait, I'm not. Deader than a doornail.

kaptinemo said...

Don't bother calling for the coroner yet, Mr. Anonymous; they're just getting started here :)