Friday, January 06, 2006

The Drug Czar is sooooo hip

The Drug Czar announced the launch of his new podcast this week.
I am pleased that we will be able to provide this service to the increasing number of Americans who use personal audio players to stay up-to-date on the latest issues affecting our Nation. President Bush and I know that most of the work to reduce the harms drugs cause to our society is done at the local level.
Harm reduction, eh? I thought that type of language was off limits for drug warriors...

Anyway, I wonder why they haven't archived Czar Walters's Wednesday appearance on C-SPAN yet. Maybe it's because caller after caller raked him and the policies he supports over the coals.


800 pound gorilla said...

The drug czar is not espousing harm reduction. If he were he wouldn't state it as "the harm that drugs cause". He is demonizing "dangerous drugs" and like conditioned automatons we reformers don't challenge this absurd statement on its basic premise: drugs don't cause harm when used properly any more than autos cause harm. In fact with all the emissions problems one could make a stronger case against cars than drugs. Our first response should be: show me one legitimate scientific test - complete with methodology and peer review that shows any widely used drug to be inherently harmful?

As long as we respond using the language of liars we will be easily put on the defensive with false associations [depicting the atypical as ordinary and expected]. We have serious problems with drug dependencies in this country. Those drug dependencies threaten the lives of many citizens and cost taxpayers a lot of money in health costs. Why aren't drug dependencies discussed in the same topic as "affordable drugs". Affordable drugs wouldn't be a problem if there weren't so many drug dependent people driving up the profit margins for drug sellers who give heavily to political leaders.

Why aren't we even mentioning the real drug dependency problems that our kids will face as adults if they don't learn the facts about using drugs. And yes, they have NOTHING to do with "dangerous drugs" and the Controlled Substances Act has nothing to do with minimizing those problems. Drug dependency goes up steadily with income and age. And not only will older people pay higher prices for necessary drugs, they will have to bankroll the DEA and the prison industrial complex as well.

Anonymous said...

maybe he hasn't archived c-span yet because the link off their site doesn't work.

Scott Morgan said...

I think downloading speeches by the drug czar is a warning sign that your child might be a loser.

I saw him speak once, and after I gave up on trying to start him on fire by concentrating really hard, I noticed that he's very boring to listen to. If your kids like the drug czar, they are probably wasted on anti-drugs and you should talk to them about it before they start submitting urine samples to you all the time.

Micah Daigle said...


keep up the hilarious comments, scott.