Thursday, December 01, 2005

Parents fight back

A Georgia mother is upset her son's high school forced him to take a breathalyzer after his prank-playing classmates told administrators he'd been drinking and doing drugs at school.

Her son — Carter Barron — denied the accusations and passed the test.

Policy states that a student can refuse to take the test, but the student says he was not given that option. The boy's mother says she was unhappy to learn that school system policy allows alcohol and drug testing without parental consent.

The teen was given a week's worth of in-school suspension after officials found a cigarette lighter in his book bag.

The classmate who gave administrators the false report has not been punished.

It's good to hear that at least some parents are concerned with the Drug War's invasion of their children's privacy.

Parents for Sensible Drug Policy, anyone?


JT Barrie said...

I would hope that my children would have the sense to refuse all testing at the schools on general principle. They would know that they have my support. I'm already at my school board's throats about the total lack of drug education. Lying to kids about drugs isn't education it's lying and sets a bad example. We punish our kids for lying. Why should school districts be any different?

Tom Angell said...

JT, be sure to stay in touch with SSDP in case your school district decides to enact student drug testing. We have tons of resources to help parents and students battle this disturbing trend. Contact information is at