Sunday, December 11, 2005

Across the blogoverse

In addition to the Drug War coverage we try to provide here at DARE Generation Diary, there's lots of other drug policy stuff to be found across the blogoverse.

A light sampling:

Radley at The Agitator continues to shed light on the extremely troubling case of the drug raid gone wrong on Cory Maye's home. Here, he interrogates the prosecutor in the case.

Bill at DPA's D'Alliance tells us here about how terrorists in Singapore get rehabilitated while drug smugglers get executed.

Thehim, in his continually excellent DrugWar Roundup blogs this week about misleading "science" on marijuana and driving.

Scott at Grits for Breakfast has blogged up a storm recently, sharing his take on the whole "Stop Snitching" phenomenon here, here, and here.

And although no one's blogged about it yet, I can't help but share this article about how Australia's leaders are complaining that their country's youth are too "stoned and fat" for the nation to have adequate military recruitment.

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John Walters' mom said...

Radley killed two birds with one stone in his latest Fox News article:

Likewise, Rep. [Tom] Davis and fellow baseball antagonists say steroids and amphetamines give athletes an "unfair advantage" over the competition. Never mind that after the 2000 census, Davis led efforts to gerrymander his own congressional district to ensure he'd never need to worry about re-election. Due to gerrymandering, Davis ran unopposed in 2002, as did one in five of his congressional colleagues.